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At Shopping Bag Solutions, we are passionate about making the most out of our shopping trips. We're here to help you combine bag re-use with coupons and wanted to share some of our best practices, to maximize the utility of your reusable bags.

  • Head over to our Coupon Gallery. Click on whatever coupons strike your fancy, and they will automatically be "clipped". When you're ready to print, click on the "Print" button. If you're a first time user, you'll be asked to install a printer driver to print the coupons that has supplied for us. This driver is totally safe and absolutely crucial to getting your deals. Make sure you install it and set it up to the correct printer. Have your SBS bag next to the printer and insert your coupons right away! At the end of printing there will be a popup box asking for your email address, this is an “opt-in” request from to directly email you offers and links to the same coupons available on the webpage.  Because we value your privacy, our suggestion is to avoid entering an email address and just revisit the incentives gallery at your leisure.        

  • Check out your weekly grocery store mailer! It's a long held habit to just toss out this collection of brightly-colored ads from your local supermarket, but you'd be amazed at what you can find at an even deeper discount than what their rewards program already offers. Go through your favorite grocery's ad and check for sales and "coupon + card" offers. By bringing in the coupon instead of adding it to your card online, you can be positive that you're receiving the discount when your checker rings you through. And if you forget to bring the ad with you to the store, don't worry - they'll always have plenty of extras on hand. Put the store mailer into your SBS bag to have it with you.

  • Most stores will give you Catalina coupons at the end of your transaction -  these are targeted individual coupons good for items that you're already buying or to purchase a competitors product! Don't toss them with the receipt! Keep them for your next trip for a discounted restock of your favorite items or to try a new product. Put them in your bag at checkout.

  • Direct Mail offers, the Bed Bath and Beyond 20% postcard, Valpak Blue Envelope, other post card offers, take them off the fridge and place into you SBS Bag.

  • Email offers, how many times do you have trouble pulling up an email with a personalized reward, if you can find it, or when you do, the store is unable to accept?  Many digital applications warn that stores may not have the equipment or may refuse to honor a digital version.  Print it out as a backup. 

      Take the $30 challenge! We bet you that using digital coupons along with the SBS Bag, can save you $1-$10 each time you shop for groceries and $30 in a matter of months. It only takes about 10 minutes before each shopping trip, and we think that's well worth the savings!

    We know these tips will work for you. Enjoy your extra cash, and don't forget your bag!



Care Instructions

Please turn your bag inside out, and hand wash in cold, slightly soapy water. Then hang to dry.  Bags may also be machine washed; however, wash in cold water and on the gentle cycle.  Temperature and agitation will cause the canvas to shrink.  Sunlight contains UV rays, turning your bags inside out and leaving in direct sunlight is a great natural way to kill germs.